• What are the symptoms of Allergic disease?

  • What is an Allergen?

  • How many Allergens do you test for?

  • What is the Allergy testing process like?

  • Will I know my Allergy Test results on that day?

  • What are my Allergy treatment options?

Symptoms of Allergy disease include runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, scratchy throat, chronic ear pressure and congestion.


Allergens present in multiple forms and we focus on two variations: food and environmental. Environmental allergens can be found all around us, whether that’s in the blooming trees or the dust mites hiding in the corners of your home. Food allergens can present through digestion issues.


We test for 66 Allergens, which includes 50 Environmental Allergens and 16 foods. More coming soon!


We start with Skin Prick Testing on the back for all 66 Allergens. Depending on how your body responds to those Allergens, the Allergy team member will move forward with completing Intradermal Testing (IDT) on the arm. 


Yes. Our Allergy team member will walk through the results with you after testing. If you tested positive, they will walk you through the treatment options or share recommendations on how to avoid the Allergen if that’s an option.


We’re proud to offer two treament options for Allergies– shots and drops. Allergy shots are distributed weekly at our clinic and are typically covered by most major insurance carriers. Allergy drops are distributed under the tongue daily from home.


What Your Allergy Relief Journey May Look Like

  • New Sinus Allergy Appointment

  • Nasal Spray

  • Appropriate Options for Allergy Testing

  • Possibly Consider Treatment or Another Next Step


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