• What can cause chronic Ear Pressure?

  • What are the symptoms of a dysfunctioning Eustachian Tube?

  • What are my treatment options for a dysfunctioning Eustachian Tube?

  • What is Balloon Dilation?

Chronic ear pressure can be caused by a dysfunctioning Eustachian Tube, which is when the middle ear canal isn’t able to open and close properly. 


Symptoms of a dysfunctioning Eustachian Tube include muffled hearing, an inability to experience a change in air pressure when flying or visiting an area with higher elevation, and sometimes tinnitus. Those that suffered chronic ear infections or had ear tubes as a chid are typically more susceptible to developing a dysfunctioning Eustachian Tube later in life.


We’re proud to offer a minimally invasive in-office procedure, Balloon Dilation, that can restore your Eustachian Tube’s functionality. The procedure can last up to ten minutes and requires minimal downtime. Most patients are back to work in up to 48 hours


Learn more about the in-office procedure here.

A man experiences intense ear pressure while on board at airplane.
A man experiences intense ear pressure while on board at airplane.
A man experiences intense ear pressure while on board at airplane.
A man experiences intense ear pressure while on board at airplane.

What Your Ear Pressure Relief Journey May Look Like

  • New Sinus Allergy Appointment

  • Appropriate Testing for Symptom Identification

  • Analyze Treatment Improvement, Consider Allergy Testing

  • Identify the Next Right Step


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